from humble beginnings to international fame and renown?

Maybe. Who knows?
At the end of the day, the band of reason is not about fame and fortune. It is the collaborative effort of four friends who enjoy playing, creating and sharing music. For friends. For family. Frankly, for anyone who will listen! (and even some who don't....)

Humble, yes. and honest, too. sometimes direct and forthcoming, then subtle and mysterious. We play whatever music that brings us joy, hope or inspiration. on a good day, we rock! on others....well, we might be soulful, blue even. we are, after all, only human :)

You might catch us at one of our rare concerts, or run across us in your local pub, in an art gallery during the holiday season or shaking up the dance floor in a beautiful remote village. Who knows? We don't, and we don't really care. For us, it's about making and sharing this wonderful world of music with any and all, where ever you are, whenever you have a moment to spare. 

We are ari, carl, finnur and friðbjörn.
We are the band of reason.

we are here because we want to be.

hopefully, so are you!