"OK, hit it!"

Yeah, that line by the intrepid pilot of the stars as he and his furry co-pilot strive to escape from their enemies still gets my nerves tingling!

Which brings me to my point - we're about to "hit it" again, and like Han and Chewie back in '77 we're flying on hope and wishful thinking...

So, without giving away any spoilers, let's just say that despite decades old plumbing our creative juices just won't stop flowing!

So hold on to your hats this week folks.....as we whip up yet another single and serve to the all-net, that intangible global digital ether where all musicians live and ..er...breathe...

Anyhoo - 'till Friday then!

p.s.: Star Wars stuff is copyright, etc etc (it's either LucasFilm or Disney now..or both..can't remember)

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