You saw this coming, didn't you?

You know, it's not easy to come out and say what you mean. Sometimes it can take a little effort, a spoonful of courage and (more often than not) a helping hand here and there to find your voice and a venue from which to speak.

Of course, social media has made this waaay easier than it used to be, but the barriers are still there and the obstacles to be overcome are legion.

When it comes to music and lyrics the two must complement each other and blend into a harmonious whole. Which comes first? The melody? Sure, sometimes, but goods lyrics can inspire melodies as well.

Finding the time and the energy, and enough willing participants to polish the rough idea of the song into a well rehearsed and polished (did I forget to mention "enjoyable"?) whole can be a daunting task. And then the ultimate question hangs above all like the Sword of Solomon: "But will they like it?"

They being you, incidentally.

Ok, don't say we didn't warn you cuz we did! It's been released, it's out there (like...EVERYwhere) and there is no going back now! And that's what this is all about...

What? Did you say something? Sounds like....

"What? I don't get it? Is WHAT about?

"Wait! I know! Is it a song?"

"A NEW song? Really?!!"

"Oh, cool!"

"What's it about?"'s what we have to say about that! "This song was partly inspired by the musical singer/songwriter festival Melodica and has a reference to how songwriting can be experienced. A nice rock number with some cool guitar riffs"

TL;DR Here's our latest release, "Voidsong" on Spotify.

It's also here, on youtube, with lyrics. It's all about inspiration and the force of creation.

So now you know! Now go and listen!

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