No new news?


Knew you'd ask!

Yes, it's been awhile, but this is what tends to happen in the summertime. People travel, band practice goes right out the window....I tell ya - it's really hard to find the gaps in all the schedules to spend an evening with the boys....sheesh!

So, the summer draws to a slow close up here in the North, we can quickly recap what the band members have been doing since the studio work last November.

Let's see....the drummer went to Africa in February (worthy of a seperate post, really). The entire band went to a self-inflicted band-camp in a summer cabin in the country to create some new material - more on that later.

Makes you wonder if we got any work done.....but we did, honest!

The solo guitarist went to Crete in May for a much needed R&R in the sun (and his daughter became a midwife - really!). Our lead singer and guitarist went to a wine drinking competition in Italy (just kidding, but Italy is osom!) while his brother released yet another album (the guy is a machine!) - look up Skepna on spotify and give them a listen. Our bassist (el fabuloso) took his family to France AND became a grandpa! We now have 2 GOM's in the band, yay!

So, lot's of travel all around, to different parts of the world and, of course, multiple trips around Iceland, hiking, playing the tourist and having a general good ol'time recharging the batteries.

And that's it for now, folks. Be back soon with news about upcoming projects!

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